Sussex Races Results







Nov 26 Snape ESSCCL Results
Nov 19 Brighton 10k Results
Nov 19 Crowborough 10k Results
Nov 19 The Hartfield Honey Run Results
Nov 11 Sussex XC League Ardingly Results
Nov 05 Gunpowder Trot Results
Nov 05 Beckley 10k Results
Oct 29 Whitbread Hollow ESSCCL Results
Oct 29 Steepdwon Challenge WSFRL Results
Oct 22
Windlesham House 4 Results
Oct 22
Beachy Head Half
Oct 21
Beachy Head 10k, Marathon.Ultra
Oct 15 Hove Prom 10k Results
Oct 14 Sussex XC League 1 Results
Oct 14 Run The Season At Cowdray Results
Oct 08 RISE 8k Results
Oct 08 Great Walstead 5 Miles Results
Oct 01 Lewes Downland 10 Results
Oct 01 East Grinstead 10k Results
Sep 30 Sussex AA Goodwood Relays Results
Sep 24 Pulborough Vineyards Results
Sep 24 Barns Green Half & 10k Results
Sep 24 Tempo 10k Results
Sep 17 Running GP Goodwood Results
Sep 17 Hellingly 10k Results
Sep 17 Bates Green Gallop Results
Sep 10 Rye Ancient Trails 15k & 30k Results
Sep 10 Littlehampton 10k Results
Sep 03 Tilgate Forest WSFRL Results
Sep 03 The BBB10k Results
Sep 01 Rye Series 3 5k Results
Apr 28 Kings Head Canter Results
Aug 27 Arundel 10k Results
Aug 20 Henfield Half Results
Aug 4 Rye Series 2 10k Results
Aug 4 Rainbow 5k Run Results
Aug 2 Highdown Hike Results
Jul 29 The Maverick Adidas Terrex Original Results
Jul 23 Seven Stiles Henfield Results
Jul 19 Wakehurst Willow 8k Results
Jul 12 Phoenix 10k Results
Jul 09 Hove Hornets Stinger Results
Jul 07 Rye Series 1 10k Results
Jul 05 Roundhill Romp Results
Jul 02
Goodwood Races
Jul 02 Brighton Trailblazer Results
Jul 02 Bewl 15/5 Results
Jun 25 Eastbourne 10km Results
Jun 24 Downland Dash Results
Jun 23 Robertsbridge 10k & 5k Results
Jun 18 Madehurst 10k & 5k Results
Jun18 Midsummer 10k Results
Jun 15 Out Of The Blue Battle 10k & 5k Results
Jun 11 Weald Challenge Trail Races Results
Jun 11 The RunWisborough 10k & 5k Results

Arunners Beach Run Results
Jun 4 Hastings 5M Results
Jun 4 Worthing 10k Results
May 24 Trundle View WSFRL Results
May 21 East Hoathly 5k & 10k 5k & 10k & 1k
May 21 Pulborough Vineyards Run Results
May 21 Hailsham 10k/5k Results
May 21 Lindfield 10k & 5k Results
May 14 Chailey Heritage Foundation Focus 10k 5k Mile Results
May 14 Sussex T&F Champs + Masters Track Results
May 14 Seaford 10k Results
May 14 Horsham 10k Results
May 14 Bognor 10k Results
May 13 Arundel Fauna 10k & 5k Results
May 07 Bluebell 10 Miler and 10k Results
May 07 Midhurst Milers Cocking 10k Trail Race Results
May 07 Rye 10 & 5 Miles Results
May 07 Portslade Hedgehoppers 5 Results
May 01 Barcombe 6k Results
May 01 Burgess Hill 10k Results
Apr 30 The Three Forts Challenge
Marathon / Half Marathon / 5 Mile Trail
Apr 30 Worthing Run-Fest Results
Apr 30 Haywards Heath 10 & 1 Mile Results
Apr 29 East Grinstead 10 Miles Results
Apr 23 London Marathon Tracker
Apr 23 The Green Run At Rathfinny Results
Apr 19 Worthing Splash Point 5k Results
Apr 16 The Martello Half Marathon Seaford Results
Apr 15 ERRA 12 & 6 Stage Relays Results
Apr 08 Sussex Road Relays Live Link
Apr 02 Brighton Marathon Weekend Results
Apr 02 SEAA 12/6 Stage Results
Apr 02 The Gunpowder Run 5 Miles Results
Mar 26 Mel's Milers 10k Results
Mar 26 Hastings 1/2 Marathon Results or Results
Mar 12 The Moyleman Results
Mar 12 ESSCCL Pett Results
Mar 5 Steyning Stinger Marathon & Half Marathon Results
Mar 5 Eastbourne Half Marathon Results
Feb 26 Brighton Half Marathon Results
Feb 12 Eastbourne 5 Results
Feb 12 WSFRL Crawley Results
Feb 11 Sussex XC League Stanmer Results
Feb 05 Whitbread Hollow ESSCCL Results
Feb 05 Chichester 10k Results
Jan 22 Newhaven 10k Results
Jan 21 Sussex Masters XC Champs Results
Jan 15 Warren Hill ESSCCL Results
Jan 07 Sussex XC Champs Results
Dec 26 Boxing Day Races Brighton Results
Dec 18 ESSCCL Framfield Results
Dec 17 SDW Monarchs 5 Results
Dec 17 The 17th Christmas Pudding Dash Results
Dec 4th Mince Pie 10 Results
Dec 3rd Sussex XC League (3) Results
Nov 27 Snape Wood ESSCCL Results
Nov 20 Brighton 10k Results
Nov 20 Crowborough 10k & 5k Results or Results
Nov 20 Hartfield Honey Run Results HM / 10k
Nov 12 Sussex XC League (2) Results
Nov 06 Gunpowder Trot WSFRL Results
Nov 06 Beckley 10k Results
Oct 30 The 13th Hove Prom 10k Results
Oct 30 Steepdown Challenge Results
Oct 22/23 Beachy Head Ultra/Marathon/Half/10k Results or Results
Oct 16 Blackcap ESSCCL Results
Oct 16 RISE 8K Undercliff Run for Women Results
Oct 15 Sussex XC League 1 - Goodwood Results
Oct 09 The East Grinstead 10k Results
Oct 09 Great Walstead 5 Results
Oct 09 Worthing 10k & mile Results
Oct 08 Cowdray Park 5k & 10k Results
Oct 08 ERRA 6 & 4 Stage Relays Results
Oct 02 London Marathon Results
Oct 02 Heron Way 10k Trail Run Results
Oct 02 Lewed Downland Races 10 & 5 Mile Results 10 & 5
Oct 01 Sussex XC Relays Results
Sep 25 Tempo 10k Results
Sep 25 Barns Green 10k & Half Results
Sep 24 Aldershot Relays Results
Sep 24 SEAA Road Relays Results
Sep 18 5th Bates Green Gallop Results
Sep 11 Tilgate Forest WSFRL Results
Sep 11 The Rye Ancient Trails 30k & 15k Results
Sep 04 BBB10k Results
Sep 04 Littlehampton 10k Results
Sep 02 The 17th Rye Summer Classic Series 5k Race 3 Results
Apr 29 24th Kings Head Canter Results
Apr 28 Arundel 10k Results
Aug 21 Henfield Half Marathon Results
Aug 12 The 17th Rye Summer Classic Series 10k Race 2 Results
Aug 6/7th UK Ultra 100 Miles Results
Aug 03rd Highdown Hike Results
Jul 31st Harlands Fun Run Results
Jul 24th Seven StilesWSFRL Results
Jul 24th Dawn on the Downs Results
Jul 22nd The Oliver Curd Charity Fun Run/Walk 10k Results
Jul 16th Glatting 5 Results
Jul 13th Wakehurst Willow 8k Results
Jul 13th Brighton Phoenix 10k Results
Jul 10th Hornets Stinger Results
Jul 6th Roundhill Romp WSFRL Results
Jul 3rd Chichester Goodwood Races Results
Jul 3rd Wee Willow Wakehurst 5k Results
Jul 3rd Brighton Trail Blazer Run Results
Jul 3rd The 22nd Bewl 15 Results
Jul 2nd St Lawrence Fair Fun Run Results
Jun 26th Eastbourne 10k Results
Jun 25th Downland Dash WSFRL Results
Jun 19th East Hoathly Family Fun Run Results
Jun 19th Heathfield 10k Results
Jun 19th Madehurst 10k / 5k Results
Jun 12th Weald Challenge Trail Races Results
Jun 5th Masters Championships T&F (Kingston) Results
May 29th Rye10 & 5 Results
May 29th UK Ultra South Downs 50k and UK Ultra South Downs 100k Results
May 28th Arundel x Fauna 10k & 5k Results
May 25th Trundle View Results